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About Me

In 2010, I began practicing yoga as a last-resort for recovery from a life-threatening eating disorder. I discovered that recovery was only the beginning of my journey to heal habitual thought patterns, destructive behaviors, self-esteem and my belief in the intrinsic and abundant value of life through community-based yoga, meditation, and making. I discovered teaching as a means of nourishing the human condition and sharing experience. Today I practice for the joy of meeting my body, focusing my mind, and welcoming my breath, every day the sun rises - and I am fortunate to do this for a living as a yogi, teacher, writer, community organizer, maker, doer, and entrepreneur.


Teaching Philosophy

I believe that everybody can benefit from yoga and meditation and am dedicated to making practice accessible and inspiring for every student I meet, in every walk of life. I am certified by Yoga Alliance to teach at the E-RYT-200 level. I teach vinyasa, hatha and restorative yoga influenced by my love of free movement and meditations from a variety of traditions including Tantra, Tibetan and Zen Buddhism. I occasionally blend methods from contemporary dance, improvisation and strength training into my classes, together with release technique and breathwork.


As my student, you will learn to break habitual holding patterns in the body through cultivating self-awareness and a greater trust in gravity to hold you, even when you fall. You will also learn techniques to train a clear, calm and focused mind in your everyday life. With 5 years and over 1000 hours of experience teaching in studios, fitness centers, workplaces, cooperatives, and private settings, I continue to find joy in teaching through building partnerships with the incredible people I meet along the way. 

Core Values

Inquiry    •      Integrity      •     Compassion     •      Justice      •       Fun


I have worked extensively with mission-driven artist groups and activist organizations aligned with my core values over the years. I love to work on values-driven projects with purpose and impact, and am skilled in managing them, writing about them, and getting people to listen. Please reach out via email if you have a collaboration in mind. 

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